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Mobile Video Advertising

Written by James Cheetham on 26th March 2014

With the speed that social media continues to evolve at, brands are continually being offered new advertising platforms, with the relationship between social networks and mobiles remaining strong.

As an expert in the field, Chris Baillie reported that “mobile video made up over 50% of mobile traffic in 2012” and the constant rise in social media means mobile video content constantly has an easily accessible springboard to reach consumers.

Two recent updates have been the additions of Vine and Video for Instagram, both which offer the user the ability to record a few seconds worth of content. EBuzzing has now opened up the platforms to allow advertisers to share their video content on these platforms which brings with it another new dimension to mobile advertising. Mobile advertising is a vital marketing tool not to be dismissed, allowing brands to easily reach their audience with so much power lying in that all important Share button.

However, Chris Baillie pointed out that Mobile advertising is still not being used to its full potential going on to say “whilst social media has played a significant part in the growth of mobile video advertising, many mobile video ads thus far have largely been repurposed from online or TV channels with little consideration for the huge potential now offered by smartphones and tablets themselves.”

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