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Killing the Ratings

Written by James Cheetham on 15th April 2014


Now on it’s fourth year, Game of Thrones is still managing to hit new viewing figures, and with last night’s second episode of the new season bumping off yet another character at another wedding (now dubbed the Purple Wedding,) it pulled in a strong 6.3 million viewers over in the US. 

This is on top of last week’s episode which reached a series peak of approximately 6.6million viewers and racking in HBO’s largest audience since The Sopranos finale back in 2007.  

As Throne's recent episode comes in at a 48% rise from the third seasons’ second episode, the Thrones TV Powerhouse shows no signs of lagging just yet. It's never been one to revel in subtly, so is the best tactic to scoring the highest viewing figures to gradually maim the cast and bump them off?   

The similarly popular, Walking Dead has also been hitting viewing records this year, another one on its fourth season with its recent season finale coming in at 15.7 million.

The Walking Dead is now America’s most viewed TV programme outside of Sport as TBIVision recently reported, and the writers are far from the kindest to their cast as they continue to have loved and pivotal characters thrown to the hordes of chomping zombies.

So I ask you, is it simply blood and guts modern audiences tune in for? Mad Men isn't scoring these kind of figures and is equally as acclaimed. Are we becoming a masochistic audience who secretly enjoy the pain of watching our favourite - or least favourite - characters slaughtered for a rating spike?   

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