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Netflix; Competitors, New Enemies and the Content Race

Written by James Cheetham on 29th October 2014


As Netflix continues to make headlines with further acquisitions and original content announcements, it came as no surprise when they pushed themselves into the movie business with news of their 4-picture deal with Adam Sandler and funding for a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sequel.

Having already disrupted the TV business and now setting their sights on Hollywood, some of the US’s biggest chains are now starting to show defiance towards this change in the market place, with Cinemark, Regal,AMC and Carmike all refusing to show the announced films in their screens.

It’s baffling that they’d rather cause a conflict than embrace the new technologies, and as Netflix continues to grow along with its competition, it could prove to be a fatal mistake.

And speaking of the competition, HBO recently announced they plan to move further into the VOD market place, developing their HBO Go service to offering an outright VOD streaming service that could prove some serious competition for Netflix.

HBO of course have a very attractive back catalogue to offer a new customer base, and their announcement should have the Netflix bosses worried, especially with news of Netflix not hitting subscriber targets in the last quarter.  

But from a consumer point of view this is all good news; as Netflix continue to seek out new original programming, and with HBO entering the ring, it will only mean both models will be aiming to put out the best content possible.

And as Netflix continues to expand further afield and establish itself in more countries, their international hold increases. During October’s MIPCOM 2014, Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos spoke about their move into the French market and made the pertinent point that programmes without international potential simply won’t get produced.    

So while others across the TV and Film businesses are starting to get on the defensive, the rest of us could be in for a new wave of exciting and boundary breaking TV and Film.  (Adam Sandler pictures aside of course…)

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