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Budgeting the Beeb

Written by James Cheetham on 15th July 2015


After a week’s worth of secret meetings and the hashing out of negotiations, last week the Tories revealed in their budget  that the BBC will now be covering the TV license fees for those over the age of 75.

Shouldering this fee inevitably lands the Beeb with a financial impact, with it being approximated at £250million by the time we get around to 2019.

To battle this, the government has agreed to allow the BBC to increase the usual £145.50 license fee in line with inflation and to also begin to modernise the license fee by incorporating catch-up TV services…it looks like EastEnders catch ups on the iPlayer may not be a free commodity for long…

It is of course good news to hear over 75s will not have to fork out for their TV license but another possible side effect will see the BBC having to make other major changes, with channels and radio stations under threat at the financial cuts.

The BBC Trust has already said this will have “some impact on the nature of the BBC’s services” and Director General of the BBC has been quoted as saying “I’m not saying there won’t be hard choices, there will be” in relation to the possibility of axing channels.

The week prior, the BBC announced 1000 job cuts due to the £150 million fall in funding as the number of people not paying their license fee continue to increase.

While these changes will begin to roll out over the next few years, they have agreed that the BBC will have full responsibility of the over-75s policy by 2020…so who knows…we could be in for another rehash in another 5 years…

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