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‘The Inside Voice’

Written by Daniel Kirby on 20th November 2015

The Searchlight team visited an interesting event put on by the Royal Television Society and The BBC Academy on Wednesday, ‘The Inside Voice’ - a talk put on by the social media marketers of the hit BBC show The Voice UK.

The speakers included Executive Digital Producer Muki Kulhan and Chief Voice Tweeter David Levin who gave us a behind the scenes look into the social marketing techniques of such a successful programme. Describing themselves as the ‘naughty kid sister’ of the show, the team told us about their use of ‘banter’ and satirical content to paint their social media accounts as more human and less like a business.

They explained how their analysis of demographics and media consumption influenced their creative choices and we were treated to a selection of their favourite and most effective content.

Overall it was a great talk and an interesting insight into how the world's largest broadcaster utilises the ever growing power of social media.