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BBC One announces major debates in the run up to the EU referendum

Written by Daniel Kirby on 24th February 2016

The BBC has recently announced that it will be staging three major pre-referendum debates, culminating in an event at Wembley Arena, which will be hosted by David Dimbleby.

Describing the Wembley debate as their ‘biggest ever campaign event’, the BBC will be hoping that they can emulate the success of ITV’s election debate last year, which was viewed by an audience of over 7 million. The event  promises to allow ‘thousands of voters to question representatives from the ‘leave’ and ‘remain’ camps’.

The exact line-up of debaters has yet to be decided, but it seems likely that pressure will build for David Cameron to attend in order to present his case on why Britain should remain in the EU.

Alongside the Wembley event, BBC One are staging a debate in Glasgow in May, which will be aimed predominantly at young voters, and a Question Time Special a week before the referendum. TV debates have rapidly become an accepted part of British politics since 2010 and the major broadcasters are all pushing for their own debates for the referendum.

Recent TV debates have proved highly influential in directing the course of British voting, and the Wembley event on BBC One looks likely to have a significant impact on the outcome. The debate will take place on 21st June.