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Game of Thrones to return on Sunday

Written by Daniel Kirby on 19th April 2016

game of thrones season 6 debut uk

Season 6 of the hugely popular series will return on April 24th on HBO in the US, and will be simulcast on Sky Atlantic in the UK at 2am on the Monday morning.

Anticipation for the show has been building rapidly, with one UK company already announcing that they will be giving their staff a half day holiday on the Monday to allow them to catch up on sleep should they choose to stay up and watch the debut.

Part of the excitement stems from the fact that there is no source text to give away what will be covered in this season, with author George R.R. Martin still in the process of writing the sixth novel of his fantasy saga, from which the series is adapted.

After half a decade we're still hooked on the show and are anticipating an action packed sixth season!