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Amazon takes on Youtube with new online video service

Written by Daniel Kirby on 10th May 2016

amazon video direct youtube competition

Online giant Amazon has today launched Amazon Prime Direct, a major new online service which will allow anyone with an account to upload their own videos to the site. The service is open to any video creator, and will allow contributing partners to monetise their content in a variety of ways.

They can make their content available to Prime Video subscribers and receive a per-hour royalty fee or they can have it sold as an add-on subscription through the Streaming Partners Program. Alternatively they can offer it for digital rental or purchase, or it can be made available for free with ads, in which case the creators will receive a 55% share of the ad revenue.

The content can be played anywhere where Amazon Video works, such as mobile devices, desktop and on Fire TV, and the service will be available in the UK, US, Germany, Austria and Japan.

Considering that Youtube has been running strongly for over a decade, it will be interesting to see what kind of competition Amazon can put up.