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VR content improves as Google releases Tilt Brush

Written by Daniel Kirby on 23rd May 2016

tilt brush virtual reality

Virtual reality continues to feature frequently in headlines, along with the promise that this 'next big thing' is about to make its way into the mainstream. This, of course, has been the case for several years, but with a recent flurry of activity surrounding the technology it would appear that VR may well be on the verge of its breakthrough.

The latest notable contribution to the virtual reality platform is Google's new Tilt Brush app, a fascinating tool which allows anyone with a VR lens and their console (digital paint brush) to paint in a 3D virtual canvas.

Tilt Brush has had very positive reviews, with many suggesting that it represents 'the first great VR app', and critics have suggested that it gives a better demonstration of the potential of the technology than other apps.

Suggestions for how the app could be used in the future include allowing architects to create virtual models of their designs to send to clients, whilst other futuristic possibilites are already being used, such as virtual reality therapy, a form of pyschotherapy which uses the technology to treat patients with extreme anxiety issues, with a reportedly high level of success.

Elewhere Audi have adopted the technology to create a virtual showroom which allows their prospective customers to view a custom model of their desired car by viewing a 3D model of the car via a VR headset.

Clearly the potential for this technology is huge, and the media industry in particular looks likely to benefit from the new platform. We're expecting to see work opportunities open up as the technology finds its feet, and are looking forward to what the future of VR has in store.