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ITV and Sky set to take stakes in 24-hour eSports TV channel

Written by Daniel Kirby on 16th June 2016

As competitive computer game playing continues to grow in popularity, the UK is about to get its first 24-hour eSports channel.  

Ginx eSports TV is set to launch on Sky channel 470 on 23rd June, and will showcase the biggest eSports tournaments from around the world. Outside of the UK and Ireland, the channel will be distributed to 23 million households, meaning it will reach 37 million homes in total, making it the largest eSports channel in the world.

An indication of the rapid growth of the sport can be seen with a major upcoming event - the Counter-Strike Finals event is due to take place in Wembley Arena later this month. Elsewhere star players in the industry are today able to win salaries and prizes of up to £8.5 million.

Emma Lloyd, director of business development and strategic partnerships at Sky said of the arrangement:

“We look forward to working with Ginx and ITV on developing a channel which will capture the growing appetite for eSports.”

As the website HannaSeo suggests, despite its current status as more of 'an accessory to the traditional sports', eSports appears to be 'sitting on the edge of becoming recognized as true sport', and we're excited to see how this impacts the UK media in the near future.