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Searchlight at RTS Futures Summer Party

Written by Daniel Kirby on 14th July 2016

RTS Futures Summer Party 2016

Yesterday evening Searchlight were able to attend a great event put on by the Royal Television Society. The event was held at Kings Place, which looks out on Regents Canal, and centred around a talk featuring several renowned producers and directors working in the television industry.

The host was Toby Earle, who writes for the Evening Standard as well as working as a journalist and broadcaster at London Live, and the speakers were as follows:

Emeka Onono. Series producer and director

Soleta Rogan.  MD, Rogan Productions

Daisy Scalchi.  Senior development producer

Nic Stacey. Writer, producer and director

The key topic of the discussion was quite simple, Toby simply went around the panel asking each speaker to describe a mistake that they had made in their career and what they had learned from it. This turned out to be a brilliant choice of topic for a talk, as the resulting stories were both informative and amusing, and also allowed the budding producers and directors in the audience the chance to see that these highly successful individuals are not infallible. It immediately made them relatable to those of us in the audience and we were glad to get such an insight into the tough world of TV production.

Overall it was a great night and we're looking forward to the next one!