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BBC releases new virtual reality app

Written by Daniel Kirby on 10th July 2017

virtual reality bbc taster app

The BBC have recently released a free mobile VR app with the aim of transforming some of their content into virtual reality experiences.

At present the content is limited to just two features, the first of which is a 360 video from Planet Earth 2, in which David Attenborough guides the viewer through a number of the series' incredible locations, also allowing the viewer to choose their own path through the story.

The other feature on offer is a trailer for an upcoming BBC Three documentary, One Deadly Night in America. In this, the viewer is placed on an American street, whilst scenes from the documentary are played out around them.

BBC Three controller Damian Kavanagh will be serving as the editorial lead for BBC Taster and in a statement he explained how he believes his role working on the app will 'help use new technologies to explore new ways to tell stories that will engage [the] audience”

Clearly the app is in its infancy but the reviews for the content have been generally positive so far, and this surely outlines the intent of the corporation to further its involvement in the VR field.

The BBC has previously shown support for the medium, with BBC Earth previously partnering with Oculus to release several VR experiences during January of this year.

The app is available for both Android and Apple devices and will be updated with new experiences over the coming months.