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Written by Jack Hopkins on 31st October 2017

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It always seems a bit strange to say ‘happy’ at a time when you’re supposed to be scared the most. Particularly with some of the films that have been released this year – the jumpy, gory, grotesque qualities of horror films have been stepped up a notch, making it a defining year for the genre.

One of the stand out movies of the year has to be Andrés Muschietti’s remake of Stephen King’s IT. Not only has it worked incredibly well the release of Stranger Things, but it’s also reimagined some of the horror tropes that have proved to be successful for movies of a bygone era. The images of abandoned gothic houses and creepy shadows, contributed with contemporary gore and special effects has created one hell of a film that will stand the test of time - unlike its predecessor.  

Jordan Peele’s Get Out has had a monumental effect on the genre and has reintroduced the topic of race to proceedings. Reminiscent of George A Romero’s Night of The Living Dead, Peele focuses on race relations as a pivot point in his film, seeing the African-American hero hitting back at white enemies. The psychological nature of the film not only creates an enthralling horror narrative but it also strikes a poignant nerve within the contemporary audience.

One film that perfectly described the era we live in is Jigsaw, the 8th film in the Saw series! The unprecedented gore-fest shows how much horror films have changed come since the implicit gothic flicks of the 1960s. It’s also displays how desensitized audiences have become as we’re always on the look out for something that can top the previous spectacle. This has become even more apparent in the light of the announcement that Silence of The Lambs has been reduced from an age rating of 15, to an 18.      

What’s your favourite horror Film? Would it still have the same impact on audiences today?

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