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Written by Jack Hopkins on 24th December 2017

Merry Christmas from the Searchlight team! We hope you’re having an amazing time.

We hope you manage to watch some of the classics on the old box tomorrow. No matter how much we try and fight it, watching The Great Escape for the 50th time should always be on the Christmas agenda. Sitting back and laughing at an old episode of Only Fools and Horses should also be a pillar of anyone’s big day.

There’s a few things coming up over the next few days that have caught our eye. Supersonic, the documentary that explores the early years Oasis and their rise to stardom is on BBC 1 on 27th December at 9.15pm. Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is on BBC2 at 11:30pm and shouldn’t be missed, especially with his new documentary coming out which looks back at his rollercoaster career.  The acclaimed film, Gone Girl, is also gracing our television screens on 29th December. The Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike epic is one you should get comfy for, and it can be seen on BBC1.

Eat lots, drinks lots, watch lots and be merry! Have a great time everyone.

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