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Written by Jack Hopkins on 27th January 2018

Yes, there is actually a connection between Disney, Pompey and The Grammys and it’s as not as loose as you’d expect. We’re going to take a look at life after Disney for Michael Eisner, how the brand of Portsmouth FC will be revolutionised under the new American regime, and how his son is on his way to this year’s Grammys ceremony.

Michael Eisner has made a career of heading up some of the largest American television and film corporations, ranging from ABC to Paramount to Disney. Eisner was at the head of Paramount when they produced greats such as Saturday Night Fever, Raiders of The Lost Ark and Beverley Hills Cop. He now finds himself as the director of Pompey, a third-tier South coast club, after buying it for £5.67 million in 2017.

With over 20 years at the helm of Disney and his background in sports scheduling and sports content makes the relationship even more compatible. Eisner’s primary focus will be expanding the Pompey brand. An example of this can be seen through the initial discussions regarding the club’s badge and how it can be adapted for copyright purposes.

Michael’s son, Eric, is also a director at Pompey but he’s also the founder and CEO of Double E Pictures. He, with a hand from a little-known director called Martin Scorsese have produced a music documentary that made it to the penultimate cut for the Oscars and is in the running at this year’s Grammys. The documentary focuses on the American Band, Grateful Dead, and it’s nearly 4 hours long.

Eric and his team will be joining a whole host of musical greats at Maddison Garden tomorrow. He’s up against a documentary about Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds and will be surrounding himself with a whole host of first-time nominees including, SZA, Odesza and Kevin Hart.

We’re looking forward to seeing how Eric gets on at The Grammys on January 28th and as always, play up Pompey.

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